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Secure Computer Disposal

Welcome to, if you need to dispose of computers, monitors and IT hardware we can help. Our Nationwide Computer Disposal service is designed to dispose of computer equipment securely and to the highest of standards. Call us today for help in disposing of your old PC’s, Servers, Office Electronics and Laptops.
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Security First - Computer Disposal

Computer DisposalDisposing of computers and computer equipment can presents several requirements if you are concerned about the information held on their hard drives falling into the wrong hands. The first of which is ensuring that all data, files and information held in the memory of the computers is utterly destroyed. Our secure computer disposal service includes hard drive wiping and ensures that data can never be recovered. We use three methods of data wiping in the disposal process of PC’s, Servers, Mainframes, Laptops and Workstations. Firstly data is wiped off the hard disk and out of the memory via DOD approved software. Secondly each hard disk drive is run through an extremely powerful EMP that wipes clean the magnetic memory disk held inside the hard drive. Finally we have each hard drive physically destroyed. Even if you are disposing of computers that have had their hard drives already formatted we would still strongly recommend you take advantage of our ‘secure computer disposal service’, just to be sure.

Computer Disposal via Demanufacturing

Disposing of ComputersYou may have already heard or read the term E-Waste (electronic waste), it refers to just about anything with a plug on it that’s heading for the trash can. Many States are banning E-Waste from landfill sites and have started to make it illegal to dump old electronics, including computers and IT hardware, placing fines on any business that fails to have its old computers disposed of correctly. This is because computers contain toxic materials such as lead and mercury which are deadly pollutants. By far the securest and safest way to dispose of old computers is to have them taken apart and separated into materials that can be recycled, this process is called demanufacturing. Asking to have your old PC’s, Laptops, Servers and Computers disposed of via demanufacturing ensures that your old computer equipment is totally destroyed, there is no securer way to dispose of computers than this and it’s better for the environment.

Computer Disposal via Redeployment

Computer Disposal via RedeploymentYou may have a number of computers that are being replaced with newer models but still work and still a hold value. Rather than disposing of these computers you might want to have them redeployed to another department or office location. We can help with the smooth running of any computer redeployment operation. We can collect, clean up and even upgrade multiple batches of your offices old PC’s quickly and we can even transport them via our own fleet of trucks to their new location in just a few days. Redeployment rather than disposing of old computers is one of the best way to recycle computing equipment.

Computer Disposal via Donation

There are thousands of charities around the USA that are crying out for donations of old computers. Donating your old PC’s or gifting obsolete computers that still work can really make a difference to peoples life’s. By donating an old PC you are keeping a computer in circulation which is by far the best way to recycle equipment. We can help you, if you choose to dispose of your computers via donating them we will recondition them and deliver them to their new homes.

Computer Disposal via Reconditioning

E-Waste Computer DisposalMany companies choose to dispose of their old PC’s by offering them for sale, usually to staff and the families of employees. The effort required to find out which PC’s work properly and which don’t can usually result in putting you off the idea of reselling old computers. We remove that problem by taking all your old computers and working out which ones are ready to be scrapped and which computers can be sold. We can even recondition old computers using working parts from the scrap computers.

Computer Disposal via Recycling

Recycling Old ComputersRecycling old computers and computer equipment is easy, you can have them demanufactured, you can donate them or you can sell them. The difference is all in who you use to dispose of your computers. We have been in the business for over 10 years, we are State certified for electronics recycling and have specialized equipment that is regularly inspected to ensure it passes air pollution and recycling standards. We are one of the few computer disposal recycling centers that can recycle CRT computer monitors and screens. When it comes to computer disposal and computer recycling you are in good hands with us.

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Disposing of Computers in the USA Do you have a number of used computers that are ready for the dumpster? Do you want someone to collect these old computers from your office and dispose of these computers securely? We can help, to arrange a pickup call us or if it’s out of office ours simply (Click Here) and send us a message and we’ll contact you.

Arrange a drop in

Dispose of ComputersDo you only have a few old PC’s and computer monitors that you need to dispose of? You are welcome to drop them in at one of our depots or talk to us about our low cost shipment service. Call us today for more information or if it’s out of hours send us an e-mail by (Clicking Here).

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Quote for Disposal of Computer HardwareHave you seen a computer disposal service that you are interest in getting a quote for? (Click Here) to let us know and we’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP, alternatively please call us.

Disposing of Office Computer Equipment has been created to help you dispose of your old computers securely, safely and in an eco friendly way. Our aim is to address two questions; where to dispose of computer equipment and to show you how that computer equipment is disposed. Our service is fully approved and regulated, and our ideology is based in the concept of recycling for a better future. We would like to thank you for visiting ComputerDisposal and hope you will contact us for help with disposing of your offices old computers.

We offer computer disposal for all leading brands and manufactures as well as none branded computers:
Disposal of Computers in the USA
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