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 Secure Computer Disposal Services has been created to help businesses and organizations dispose of their e-waste correctly
and securely. Our aim is to provide a single source service that removes and manages the correct disposal of all electrical trash,
disposing of computer equipment, CRT monitors and office hardware legally, meeting both State and National legislative requirements.
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About Us - is part of the New Tech Recycling family of e-waste trash management and disposal websites. This website has been designed to help you dispose of computers and IT office hardware. Our aim is to show you how and where we dispose of computers. We very much hope that after reading this website you will better understand the need for disposing of old computers and PC’s safely and be encourage to call us for help.
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Computer Disposal and Electronics Recycling

Computer DisposalOur computer disposal and electronics recycling business has been in operation since 1995. We started in business with the express aim of providing businesses, organizations and local governments with a computer disposal service that prevented old, used or no-longer wanted computers from being disposed of in landfill sites. Our mandate is to provide an ecologically sound and commercially viable method for disposing of computers securely.

Our computer disposal services is now one of the most advanced in the United States, offering the entire disposal solution including CRT computer monitor disposal and hard drive data destruction (hard drive wiping). We have invested heavily into new technologies that help us to sort and reclaim materials such as metals, glass and plastics. All of these materials can be recycled which makes our computer disposal service extremely environmentally friendly. Call us today for help with disposing of your old office computers, monitors, mainframes, servers and printers – call: 732 564 3110

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Recycling Resources and News

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Need to dispose of 10 or more CPU’s, call us now on 732 564 3110. We are open from 9am to 5pm (EST) Monday to Friday, if it’s out of hours you can send us a message by CLIKCING HERE. Disposing of Computers in the USA

Secure Computer Disposal and Hard Drive Wiping

Need to dispose of old servers and office computers and you are worried about the information held on them?
CLICK HERE to learn about our data wiping services for the secure disposal of your computer equipment and memory.

Disposing of less than 10 old PC’s

If you only have a few old computers or laptops that you need to dispose we can still help. Send us a message by CLICKING HERE, please remember to list the number of old CPU’s, monitors or laptops you need disposing of.

Disposing of large electrical equipment

Copier Disposal

If you have a large item you need to throwaway such as a photocopier please contact us to arrange it’s collection. You can call us directly or send us a message via CLICKING HERE.
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