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Disposing of a Mainframe

Disposal for MainframesA (modern) mainframe is still a very large machine, sometimes tens of square meters. Disposing of a mainframe requires a multitude of skills, firstly there is removing the mainframe from its location. Our mainframe disposal solution provides help in the process of physically removing the computer from your building and transporting it to our disposal facility. Secondly mainframes tend to have massive amounts of disk space and memory storage drives, each area that stores data will need to be wiped clean and destroyed to protect against sensitive or private data falling into the wrong hands. Finally the mainframe will need to be disposed of, it is illegal to dump mainframes into landfill sites with the regular trash so each part of the mainframe will need to be taken apart so that its materials can be recycled.

Disposal for Office Mainframe ComputersOur mainframe disposal service is second to none – we handle every size and type of mainframe computer and mainframe telephone exchange. We have design a specialized mainframe disposal system that allows us to reclaim 99% of all the machines composite materials, making our service environmentally sound and compliant with both State and National E-waste laws.

The security aspects relating to information, data and files held on the mainframe are managed via three processes, we provide a software data wipe, an EMP magnetic wipe and finally destroy the hard drives and storage devices. We recognise that our clients need a reliable, trustworthy and thorough mainframe disposal service and we pride ourselves on providing it.

Mainframe Collection for Disposal

Dispose of MainframeTo organize a pickup or to make a delivery of an old mainframe please contact us today. We also dispose of all other relating electronics, including; cables, hubs, switches, monitors (and CRT monitors), keyboards, racks, cases, mounts and all other IT equipment. If you need to dispose of your old mainframe computer you’ve come to the right place.

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Mainframe Disposal

We dispose of many different types and makes of mainframes, listed below are a few of the main manufacturers whom mainframes we dispose of:

Ahmdal (Hitachi) Mainframe Disposal Service
Bull Mainframe Disposal Service
Comparex (Hitachi) Mainframe Disposal Service
DEC (Compaq) Mainframe Disposal Service
Fujitsu Mainframe Disposal Service
Hitatchi Mainframe Disposal Service
IBM Mainframe Disposal Service
ICL (Hitachi) Mainframe Disposal Service
NEC Mainframe Disposal Service
Siemens Mainframe Disposal Service
Unisys Mainframe Disposal Service
Sun Mainframe Disposal Service

Server Mainframe Disposal

If you need your server or mainframes disposed of securely we offer a specialized package for large and small businesses alike. Our standard server and mainframe disposal package is scalable to meet your business’s requirements. In addition we also offer server disposal services for governmental agencies, institutionalized organizations, research businesses, legal firms, accounting firms and Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Insurance enterprises.

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Interested learning more about the History of Mainframes

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