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Don't get ensnared by heavy fines related to obsolete computers, monitors, IT equipment and networking hardware. We offer an effective end-of-life technology strategy that will ensure your business disposes of all its redundant computing equipment legally, securely and in an environmentally friendly way.

Businesses and Organizations Alike Can Do Their Bit to Help Save the Planet and Improve their Communities

Office Computer DisposalIs your business in the process of making a new investment into the IT infrastructure? Are you replacing the offices older, obsolete computers, networks, laptops and servers with new equipment? Wondering what to do with the older equipment? Or do you run a smaller business and have just purchased a new computer and have the old computers cluttering your break room or home garage? Computer Disposal is here to help you dispose of your unwanted computers and office electronics.

Office Server DisposalThe disposal of old office computers and IT equipment, also called asset recovery, is easy, secure and worth doing. With “Computer Disposal” asset recovery services, small and large businesses alike can take advantage of a textbook process that helps you dispose of outdated computers in your office and ensures that all environmental laws and regulations are met, protecting your business from fines relating to the mishandling of E-waste.

Office PC DisposalComputer disposal can be a worrying concern, what with governmental regulations and privacy laws requiring that computer data be kept private. Combining this with the fact that some businesses are hesitant to recycle or refurbish old laptops, office computers and servers because of the sensitive data stored on the hard drives, disks and computer memory. Office computer disposal can soon become a deeply concerning challenge to any organization no matter the size. That’s why with the “Computer Disposal” office computer disposal program we offer a full range of office computer disposal services, each one designed to help you effortlessly dispose of you offices old PC’s without having to worry about security or the data held on them.
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Office Computer Disposal

As a standard we offer to dispose of your computers by demanufacturing them, this means we destroy the hardrives, wiping the data out of the memory in the process and then take apart your old computers. Each part of your office computer is broken down into its raw material, alloys, plastics and glass can all be recycled which makes the process clean, green and totally secure. However we also offer other recycling service such as refurbishment for reuse, sale and donation, read the below for more information.


If you would prefer we can refurbish your old office computers, upgrading them so that they can have an extended life. This is by far one of the best methods of recycling old PC’s and computer equipment.


You might not want to dispose of all your office computers instead you might like us to sort through them, finding the computers that still work to a high enough standard to have them redeployed back into your business. This service is a great way to keep the cost of your IT investment to a minimum.

Selling Old Office Computers

Some of your old office computers may still hold a value; you might want to offer them for sale to your staff. We can help sort through your old office computer equipment finding any that may be good enough to sell.


Some businesses choose to donate their old office computers as a way of disposing of them. Donating old computers to charities, schools and the community is one of the best ways to recycle. If you are concerned about data security we can destroy the old hard drives and replace them with new ones. If you are thinking of disposing of old office computers this is a great idea, it’s both green and helpful.

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