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Computer Disposal News

How to dispose of Old Servers

Disposal for Office ServersOld servers and computing equipment must be disposed of through a certified disposal and recycling facility. Servers, computer monitors and even keyboards have been classified as hazardous solid e-waste and cannot be dumped into the trash or a dumpster. Please call us today on 732 564 3110 to organize the collection and disposal of your old office servers.

Where to dispose of Old Servers

Mainframe Computer DisposalIf you only have one old server for disposal and no other computers or electrical equipment it may be worth dropping it into one of our disposal and recycling facilities. Alternatively we can help you ship the old server to us please call for more information or send us a message from the form on the “contact page”.

Hard Drive Memory Wiping

Server and Mainframe DisposalYou may have already wiped, formatted and destroyed the servers hard drive and memory storage devices but please still enquire about our data destruction service. Even after you have destroyed a hard drive data may still be recovered that’s why we offer an advanced data wiping and hard drive destruction service that guarantees all sensitive documents and files held on the servers are totally destroyed. Our data wiping service includes an EMP wipe, to find out more please contact us today.

Server Disposal Guidelines and Support

Secure Server DisposalIf you require assistance removing old mainframes, fee standing server boxes or racks of mounted servers we can help. Our server disposal service can also include a full computer audit, systems removal and collection for disposal. All computer devices and networking can also be disposed of safely, securely and to State and national legislative requirements. Our electronics recycling facility is a state approved computer and server disposal center that is capable of securely disposing of servers and safely disposing of older CRT server monitors.
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DServer Disposal Service

We can dispose of the the following types of servers; if you have a server that you need disposing of that are not presented on the below list please let us know:

Server Disposal
Application server Disposal
Communications server Disposal
Database server Disposal
Fax server Disposal
File server Disposal
Game server Disposal
Home server Disposal
Newsreader server Disposal
Print server Disposal
Proxy server Disposal
Sound server Disposal
Standalone server Disposal
Web server Disposal
Web Feed Server Disposal
Client-server Disposal
The X Server Disposal
Peer-to-peer Disposal
Catalog server Disposal

Server Mainframe Disposal

If you need your server or mainframes disposed of securely we offer a specialized package for large and small businesses alike. Our standard server and mainframe disposal package is scalable to meet your business’s requirements. In addition we also offer server disposal services for governmental agencies, institutionalized organizations, research businesses, legal firms, accounting firms and Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Insurance enterprises.

Interested in a quote for PC Disposal

Server Disposal Have you seen a computer disposal service that you are interest in getting a quote for? (Click Here) to let us know and we’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP, alternatively please call us.

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