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Computer Hard Drive Erasure

Hard Drive Wiping Secure Computer DisposalChanges in e-waste management laws now mean we all need to dispose of our computers in an environmentally sound way. As people move to follow these new laws and electronic waste disposal regulations, the largest concern as they dispose of their computers is regarding the confidential information residing on their hard drives. The good news is that these regulations have changed how your material will now be disposed. There will be no more disposing of old PC’s, laptops and servers by throwing them into a dumpster and burying them in a landfill site. This old method of disposal left computers vulnerable to having their hard drives and subsequent data accessed. Now that computers need to be disposed of via a demanufacturing process (taking them apart to reclaim their materials) it means that the hard drives are separated from the computer, the information is removed via proven methods and then refined into feedstock material for new manufacturing.

HDD WIPE Secure Computer DisposalThe key for us as e-waste laws and regulations have changed, is for us to go one step further by offering you a totally secure method of computer disposal. If you have a large number of computers we will send over one of our own secured vehicles to collect and ship them to our recycling center. Once they are in our location they are secured under lock and key in a safe room where the process of data wiping will begin.

Each hard drive is separated from the CPU and an inventory of the hard drive serial number is taken, so we have an auditable record. We then run DOD approved software through each hard drive, formatting it totally beyond anything you may have already done. This process wipes clean the hard drive, destroying any data or sensitive business files held in the memory. Secure Computer Disposal HDD WIPINGThese hard drives can either be re-used or send for destruction. We also offer a secondary data security method where we physically take each hard drive and storage device and run it through a massively powerful EMP EMF; our electromagnetic field generator is so powerful that people with pacemakers are banned from entering our EMP security zone. As a side note, if you are visiting our facility make sure you do not enter the EMF facility with your watch or cell phone as these items will also be destroyed.

Secure Computer DisposalOnce the hard drive has been wiped by the EMP EMF hardware it is then demanufactured and refined into feedstock for new manufacturing. We not only remove all of the information on your hard drives-we also have removed any concerns you may have about the potential vulnerability of your personal information. Your only concern should be that of backing up this information must be done prior to coming in for this service. When complete, no information is left or recoverable.
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Computer Hard Drive Wiping Process

We take hard disk drive wiping (HDD wipe) very seriously, many of our clients require a high level of security when disposing of their computers. A HDD wipe is a separate service from regular computer disposal; you must request this service from us if you feel you need it. It costs a little extra due to the level of work required but we strongly recommend it to all our business and governmental clients.

Our disposal facility pioneered the invention of the electromagnetic field generator and currently hold the patent. We are the only computer disposal business in the USA that offers HDD data wiping using this hardware, which makes us a market leader and your number one choice in secure computer disposal. Call us today to learn more or to arrange for the secure disposal of your computers and the HHD data wipe service.

Computer Disposal and HDD Wipe

HDDs record data by magnetizing ferromagnetic material directionally, to represent either a 0 or a 1 binary digit. They read the data back by detecting the magnetization of the material. A typical HDD design consists of a spindle that holds one or more flat circular disks called platters, onto which the data are recorded. The platters are made from a non-magnetic material, usually aluminum alloy or glass, and are coated with a thin layer of magnetic material, typically 10-20 nm in thickness with an outer layer of carbon for protection. Older disks used iron oxide as the magnetic material, but current disks use a cobalt-based alloy.

Wiping a HDD clean of data can be achieved with software but this usually leaves the magnetizing disk operational. We don’t take any chances, knowing the technology of a HDD we designed a data wiping technology that obliterates data by running a massive EMF through the HDD. No computer hard disk drive can survive the process; it is an incredibly secure way to dispose of computers and HDDs securely.

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