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How do you wipe clean the computer’s memory?

Computer Memory WipeAre you asking “how do you completely wipe the memory from my old computer that I want to dispose of”? Getting rid of old pc’s and computers and having their memory wiped clean is a very serious issue. Your old business CPU’s (laptops, desktops, workstations, PC’s and servers) may have become obsolete but the information and documents held in the computer memory may not be. Protecting you company from sensitive data being accessed on your old, unwanted computers that are now destined for the junk yard is no small task.

Firstly we own our own fleet of collection trucks, each driver is security vetted and the trucks are never left unattended. From collection we drive your business’s old computers to our E-waste management facility where they are then checked in and locked into a processing security zone. The computers then have their hard drives removed and the computer’s memory is wiped using DOD approved software.

Secondly the HDD is then taken to a separate room where a massive EMP is run through the disk, destroying any data TOTALLY!

Thirdly the Harddrive is then taken apart and melted and finally the computer is then taken apart and separated into plastics, metals and glass, this can later be recycled.
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Computer Memory Wipe

HDD Wiping Secure Computer Disposal

Before you donate your computer to charity, give it to someone else, or send it to the junk yard, you may want to ask “how do I remove personal information” first. Web browsing history such as your business intranet and extranets, passwords and even banking information are only a few of the sensitive data files that can be retrieved from an old computer. There are several ways to wipe the memory from a computer, including reformatting, and even destroying the hard drive. The method you choose depends on the sensitivity of your personal data, and how important it is that prying eyes never see it.

If you want to wipe your computer's memory clean but and are asking “how do I do it” then the answer is simple, we’ll do it for you. We provide a secure computer disposal service, which can include collection, hard drive wiping and safe e-waste recycling. We are not a junk yard, we are a specialized business that’s core responsibility is focused around the safe and secure disposal of data sensitive computers and computing devices.

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