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Why You Should Never Simply Give Away or Throw Away Your Old Computer

HDD Wiping Secure Computer DisposalFor those who are not convinced that they need to properly wipe their old computers before disposing it, here are some reasons:

1.Data Security: Deleting Your Files is Not Enough - Do you think that deleting your old files, and clearing the Recycle Bin, is enough to remove them from your computer? Think again. When a file is deleted, it is not actually removed from the hard disk. All that is done is that a certain marker is set on the hard disk to indicate that the file is no longer available. The contents of the file are still present on the hard disk. If someone were to use a data recovery program, he/she may be still able to recover your file or portions of your file. The same is true of formatting a hard disk. Modern hard disk formatting utilities do not wipe the hard disk - they just reset some information in the hard disk. The data is still there.

Hard Drive Wiping Secure Computer Disposal2.Programs Registration Keys Security - Data files are not the only files you need to clear. If you have purchased any programs on the Internet, you would probably have been given a licence key or registration number to enter into your program to activate it. These programs typically keep a copy of that key somewhere on your hard disk so that they can remember that you are a registered user. If you leave your registered programs and their keys on your system, someone might be able to retrieve it and distribute it on the Internet. When a key becomes widely available, the software author may blacklist it. As a result, when you try to install the software you paid for on your new computer, you may find that you can no longer register it, even though you have paid for it.

PC DisposalThis goes beyond software that you install. It applies to the very operating system (like Windows) as well. If you are running a retail version of Windows, that you separately bought from a software store, you may want to use it in your new computer. Since you are only licensed to use Windows on only one computer at a time, if you simply leave your old computer with your retail Windows installed, you may find one day that your existing Windows computer no longer works. This may happens if Microsoft discovers your key circulating on the Internet and blacklists it so that it is no longer valid.

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How to Securely Prepare Your Old Computer for Disposal

For security reasons, you should never just give away or dispose of your old computer without properly wiping away your existing data. Simply deleting your old files or reformatting your hard disk is not enough, since the data can still be recovered from your computer by someone using a data recovery program.

Steps to Preparing for Disposal and Securely Wiping Your Computer

  1. Save Your Data - Make sure that you have really made a copy of all your data in the computer first.

  2. Request our Disk Wiping Software its DOD approved for HDD data wiping.

  3. Request our EMP hard disk drive magnetic data wiping service to ensure the hard disk is physically sterilized and no-longer usable.

  4. Request our demanufacturing computer disposals ervice, it’s 98% e-waste free and ensures you old HDD is disposed of by recycling its composite materials   

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Computer Disposal and HDD Wipe

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