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Secure computer disposal

Secure Computer DisposalAre you looking for a company that can dispose of your offices old computers and in the process wipe clean the hard drives ensuring that all sensitive data, files and information is removed permanently? If you are then welcome, Computer Disposal has been created to help all size and type of business dispose of their computers securely. We accept old computers for disposal from SME to Large business, International enterprises, government agencies, research departments, accounting and legal firms, pharmaceutical businesses, manufacturing businesses and Insurance companies.
Call: 732 564 3110
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Dealing with the security aspects of computer disposal and recycling

Secure PC DisposalOur computer disposal service is a e-waste management solution that provides your business with assurance that your old office computers, PC’s, workstations, desktops, laptops and servers will all be disposed of in accordance with National privacy laws and e-waste recycling legislations. Our secure computer disposal program uses some of the most advance equipment in the world. If you need to dispose of your old computers securely there is no better choice call us today for more information.

Call: 732 564 3110
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The process of securely disposing of PC’s and Servers

OLD DESKTOP DISPOSALWe are the only secure computer disposal business that has a specially designed EMP charge hard drive and disk data wiping machine. This very specialized hardware runs a powerful electromagnetic field through the hard drives you want destroying. As you know computer memory is stored magnetically, a EMF (electrical magnetic field) wipes clean any data stored on a hard drive, permanently, once done a hard drive can never be used again.

OLD PC DISPOSALPrior to the hard drive being run through the EMF it is wiped clean by DOD (department of defence) software, if it’s good enough for the military its good enough for most businesses. That said we finish by totally destroying the hard drives, most disposal business shred the hard drives, we have them melted down. This service really is the ultimate in secure computer disposal, if you need your computers disposed of securely you’ve come to the right place, call us today or click the contact us link to send us a question.
Call: 732 564 3110
Or Click Here To Send Us a Message

Computer Disposal and Hard Drive Wiping

If you have a large number of old PC’s, computers, servers, workstations and desktops that you need disposing of we invite you to visit our secure computer disposal facility. We will demonstrate our advanced data wiping services and show you how your old computers will be disposed of. We offer an 98% waste free secure computer disposal service that is inline with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency legislation on E-waste recycling. Our service ensures that your computers will be disposed of securely and in an environmentally friendly way. Please call us today for more information.

Computer Disposal for Leading Brands

If you are looking for a secure computer disposal and recycling enterprise that can manage your computer manufacturing e-waste management we can help. Through our partnership program we are currently assisting many brands dispose of their older obsolete range of computers. Our business is focused around supporting the business community, recycling centers and individuals with the safe and secure disposal of office computers, monitors and electronics. Our facility is geared to help process millions of computers and e-waste. Our recycling partnerships are all part of our “good practice” policy, ensuring the best quality of service and the greenest end result.

We currently receive the following branded computers, printers and laptops on a daily basis:

3M Computer Disposal
Apple Inc. Computer Disposal
Acer Computer Disposal
AG Neovo Computer Disposal
ASUS Computer Disposal
AU Optronics Computer Disposal
BenQ Computer Disposal
Chassis Plans Computer Disposal
Chi Mei Computer Disposal
COMPAQ Computer Disposal
Dell Computer Disposal
Eizo Computer Disposal
Gateway, Inc. Computer Disposal
Hanns-G Computer Disposal
Hewlett-Packard Computer Disposal
Hyundai IT Corp. Computer Disposal
IC Power Computer Disposal
iZ3D Computer Disposal
LaCie Computer Disposal
LG Electronics Computer Disposal
NEC Display Solutions Computer Disposal
Philips Computer Disposal
Planar Systems Computer Disposal
Samsung Electronics Computer Disposal
Sceptre Incorporated Computer Disposal
Sharp Corporation Computer Disposal
Shuttle Inc. Computer Disposal
Sony Computer Disposal
Tatung Company Computer Disposal
VIEWERA Computer Disposal
ViewSonic Computer Disposal
Westinghouse Digital Electronics Computer Disposal

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