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Tips for toner ink cartridge disposal

ink cartridge disposalPlastics are made from petrochemicals, which also make the gas you put in your car. What’s the point in calling for one ink cartridge to be collected when it will probably result in an equal amount of gas being used? We recommend that to do your bit for the environment you follow the below suggestions:

Get a sturdy cardboard box and write on the side of it “ink cartridge and toners for recycling”. Every time your ink cartridge becomes empty throw it into the box.

When the box is full have a hunt around the office and ask the IT manager if he’s got any old junk electronics he wants disposing of. You’ll be surprised, there’s usually an old computer, monitor or laptop that they want to throw out. Collect any junk electronics from the IT department and place them with the box.

You should have started to amass a few more objects for recycling, why not add to it by sending a memo around the office. Announce that you’re organizing an e-waste disposal collection and invite your co-workers to bring any e-waste they may have at home in for the pick-up. Cell phones, old home computers, printers, scanners, cameras and even in some cases TV sets soon start to appear. Set a cut off date otherwise people will keep bringing their e-waste to work even after the collection.

Finally call us or fill in the collection form on the “contact us” page of this website. We will schedule a e-waste trash collection with you and take away all your old and used ink cartridges along with everything else.

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ink cartridge disposal

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Office Supplies

Where do you currently buy your office supplies from? Did you know that if you purchase from Village Office Supply you can have your old ink cartridges, toners and e-waste collected by them when they deliver your order. We’ve partnered with Village to save on unnecessary gas pollution. It makes sense to use the same truck that delivers your toners and ink cartridges to pick up your used ones. Check out Villages site today:

Arrange a collection for old toners and used ink cartridge

Disposing of Computers in the USA Do you have a number of used toners and ink cartridge that are ready for the dumpster? Do you want someone to collect these toners and ink cartridge from your office and dispose of these toners and ink cartridge safley? We can help, to arrange a pickup call us or if it’s out of office ours simply (Click Here) and send us a message and we’ll contact you.

Ink Cartridge Disposal and Recycling

Recycling the plastics of an old ink cartridge is easy; plastics can be reused time and time again, saving on our world’s natural resources and preventing these non biodegradable products from polluting our land. The hardest thing is getting businesses to dispose of their used ink cartridge correctly. Our ink cartridge disposal program has been created to help your business dispose of its old, used ink cartridge safely. Please call us to arrange a collection, drop off or shipment of the ink cartridges you want to throw out.

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