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Ofice Printer DisposalNew Laws for Jersey, New York City, NY, PA, CT and surrounding States have now made it illegal to dump old printers, copiers and fax machines in the trash. All electronic equipment in your offices, warehouse, departments and laboratories need to be recycled. This is because fax’s, copiers, printers and cartridges contain materials that can be harmful if they escape into the earth. Our disposal and recycling plant is here to help, ensuring your business is not fined for the illegal dumping of E-waste by recycling it for you.

Disposing of your Old, Unused Office Printers

Laser Printer DisposalOffice printing equipment and machines (including fax machines) have now been classified as e-waste and must be disposed of via an approved electronics recycler or recycling center. If your office’s old printer is destined for the junk yard and your contemplating the best method of disposal then why not call us for help. We have a simplified ‘printer recycler service, that is 100% environmentally friendly. If you are looking to get rid of your old office printers, copiers and fax machines call our recycling center today, we have a fleet of trucks that can collect all your old printers. If you only have one or two printers that you need to dispose of we also run a “dispose of it, recycle it” policy, that includes a Hassel FREE postal or drop-in service that prevents your business from being fined for incorrect e-waste management.

How Do You Recycle Old Photocopiers, Fax Machines, Printers and Cartridges?

Cartridge Disposal and Toner RecyclingRecycled can mean reused, this means our disposal facility would recondition the equipment so that it can go back into circulation. Not all office equipment, computers, printers or fax machines can be reused however. A large number of old faxes are only fit for the trash, in this case our recycle team demanufactures the old equipment so that plastics and metals from the used or broken printers can be reclaimed.

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What Makes and Models of Printers, Copiers and Fax Machine Can You Recycle

We can get rid of most your offices printers, copiers and fax machines, listed below are just a few of the more popular brands:

Brother Printer Disposal via Recycling,
Canon Copier and Printers Disposal,
Epson Toner and Printer Disposal,
HP Cartridge and Printer Recycling,
Kodak Disposal and Recycling Services,
Konica Minolta Copier Machine Disposal,
Lexmark Printer Disposal,
Panasonic Printer Recycling,
Samsung Copier and Printer disposal,
Sharp Disposal for Printers and Copiers,
Xerox Recycling of all Office Copiers and Printers.

FREE Collections, through our Pick-Up Partners:

We are also partnered with Village Office Supply, if you are one of their office supplies clients we can collect the old computers and printers you want disposing of FREE OF CHARGE when you next order from them CLICK HERE.

Arrange a collection

Disposing of Computers in the USA Do you have a number of used Printers and Copiers that are ready for the dumpster? Do you want someone to collect these old Printers and Copiers from your office and dispose of these printers? We can help, to arrange a pickup call us or if it’s out of office ours simply (Click Here) and send us a message and we’ll contact you.

Arrange a drop in

Do you only have a few old Printers and Toners that you need to dispose of? You are welcome to drop them in at one of our depots or talk to us about our low cost shipment service. Call us today for more information or if it’s out of hours send us an e-mail by (Clicking Here).
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