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Recycling your offices old computers

Computer Hardware DisposalThe term COMPUTER RECYCLING is used everywhere nowadays, it can mean either reclaiming the metals and plastics used in the construction of a PC or gifting (donating) your firms computers to a charity to keep them remaining in use. Computer recycling can also refer to refurbishing your old office computers and laptops so they can be resold, again keeping them in use.

PC DisposalWith all this environmentally friendly posturing it is easy to blame a consumer based system for creating so much computer junk in the first place but let us not forget the importance of IT. Fast developments in Information and Computing Technology provide us with advancements in health care, efficient infrastructural management and amazing education benefits. Computers should be celebrated and computer manufacturers should not be blamed for creating machines that pollute the planet but thanked for pushing us forward. That said computers are somewhat time consuming to recycle and the manufacturing process does use a considerable amount of environmentally dangerous materials. Secure Computer DisposalSolutions into making it easier to recycle your computer are currently being research by computer manufacturers and here at “Computer Disposal” we have invested seriously into hardware and machinery that helps us recycle 98% of your old computer. As a by product of using us to recycle your old computers you are directly supporting growth and advancements in computer trash management. Contact us today to get your computers recycled, the right way.

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Recycling Old Computers

At “Computer Disposal” we recycle the following types of computers: Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted Mainframe Computers.

Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted Laptop Computers.

Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted Notebook Computers.

Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted Server Computers

Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted PC Computers.

Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted Workstation Computers.

Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted Desktop Computers.

Recycling for Old, Used, Broken, Unwanted Tower Computers.

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Disposing of Computers in the USA Do you have a number of used computers that are ready for the dumpster? Do you want someone to collect these old computers from your office and dispose of these computers securely? We can help, to arrange a pickup call us or if it’s out of office ours simply (Click Here) and send us a message and we’ll contact you.

Arrange a drop in

Dispose of ComputersDo you only have a few old PC’s and computer monitors that you need to dispose of? You are welcome to drop them in at one of our depots or talk to us about our low cost shipment service. Call us today for more information or if it’s out of hours send us an e-mail by (Clicking Here).

Interested in a quote for Computer Disposal

Quote for Disposal of Computer HardwareHave you seen a computer disposal service that you are interest in getting a quote for? (Click Here) to let us know and we’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP, alternatively please call us.
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